Why I Stopped Going to Church (And So Should You)

Put down the pitchforks pastors, I can see them coming down my driveway already.  Steve don’t just read the title and text me a novel about how unbiblical and dangerous I’m being and Paul, well I’ll be expecting a long reply full of words that I can’t understand.


I admit I chose this title for a reason, mainly because I can just hear the thoughts in people’s heads.  “Well I knew he was heading down this path”.  “Great, another extremist who thinks he has it all figured out”.  I assure this post is not about any of that.



But it is true that I stopped going to church, just not in the way most people are thinking.  These past months have been a complete rewiring of my mind and the way I think about church.  For so long my mind was wired to say things like “Yes I am a church attender” and things like “Yes I go to church”  but more and more I’m realizing that when I say things like this it only reinforces bad mindsets.


I’ve said this probably 10 times throughout my blogs, but the word Church in the Bible is never used as place people went to.  To tell an apostle that you “go to church” would of made no sense to them because they always used the word church properly.  The word church in the Bible always refers to people.  That’s it.  This for us is a major shift in our thinking because our culture uses the word church as things we attend, not who we are as Christ followers.   Because of the way we use the word church we think that church is a once or twice a week thing. This creates an extremely unhealthy mindset and robs of us our  identity as Christ followers.  I assure you when Christ calls the Church His bride He is not referring to buildings, institutions, and sunday morning services.  He is talking about His sons and daughters, coheirs to Christ, the Church.


Since I’ve been realizing this more and more, I’ve made it a point of rewiring my brain to view the word Church as it was meant to be used.  No longer do I go to church.  Instead I am a part of the church 24/7.  Church is not a place I go to, it is who I am.  I am Church.  And if you are a follower of Christ, you are church as well.  It is imperative that we as followers of Christ start to think of church not as Sunday morning but as a lifestyle (Sunday morning included).



So stop going to Church.  Of course I don’t mean to stop meeting with your local body.  I mean to stop viewing church as a place you go to because not only is the word Church never used that way in the BIble, it creates a mindset that sets up people to be content with just attending a service, going home, and doing nothing else during the week.



2 responses to “Why I Stopped Going to Church (And So Should You)

  1. “Go to church once a week and nobody pays attention. Worship God seven days a week and you become strange!” A. W. Tozer . I thought this Tozer quote goes nicely with what your saying. I’ve been working on my phrasing with my kids. Instead of saying, “We are going to church.” I am trying to say,”We are going to worship with the church.” I know some may say its just word play but I believe our words breathe life to our thoughts and we need to be deliberate in the way we approach God. In the O.T. Israel would go to the temple because is where the Spirit of the Lord resided. In the New Convenant the Spirit of the Lord resides in the believer.

  2. Great observation! I agree. Way back when “Simple Church” came out, all churches were excited to stop going all in when they could be putting out less for the same result and my church hopped on board and that vibe only lasted for like a year. I look at my church now and the Production aspect is gone overboard in putting on a concert like atmosphere for our 11:15 service and wanting to make it appeal to the new generation. The mindset is to attract people to come on Sunday because they know no one will come if the message or worship sucks. Church staff feels content by just getting a large attendance for each service. They make it look like all they want is to put on a colorful loud concert and give a good sermon so that they can attract people to keep coming and tithe to keep the church financially stable.

    I love how you pointed out that “church” isn’t a place. We get so caught up in how church has to be a production and everyone plans there week to set up for that Sunday. Implementing small groups to meet each week for one day is just an attempt to get the Sunday message emphasized once again, but in a curriculum.

    It is so easy to just forget about church and God during the week because you’re not in church and you don’t have to put on a good behavior. Church is creating a false identity of thousands of people who come in just to walk out the door the same way they entered.

    It seems so complicated to think about changing one’s routine. Its become such a norm and no one wants to give up precious time in their week for reading the Bible and prayer and communing with the body in weekly meetings. My small group meets Sunday night. That leaves a whole six days to do nothing. It has to start in the person. A drive to commit to changing his/her lifestyle to not be a Sunday servant but a daily child of God that lives to build the body.

    You can become a Christian and be a on high for 6 months and if you let that fire burn out, you can easily be the same person you were before you asked Jesus to come into your heart. That’s why the body has to be living to build up one another. If we all wait to meet on Sunday, we can lose the heart of a brother/sister to the world each week. The body looks after each part. If something is broken, it focuses all its time to help that broken part. Are we focusing on helping maintain each part of our body(fellow brothers and sisters in Christ)? Are we positive that there is nothing wrong with ourselves?

    Thank you, this entry opened my eyes.

    God Bless,


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