The Holy Spirit by Rob Vujasinovic

Greetings friends, this is Tim typing.  Over the next few weeks every now and then we will have a guest write a post for our blog.  I think it’s good to get other’s perspectives on things.  If you are interested in writing a post shoot me a message on facebook.    Today’s post is by a good friend of mine Rob Vujasinovic.  Enjoy!




The Holy Spirit is beautiful. I can live on that statement the rest of my life very easily. It’s a very moist thought, drenched in Heaven’s truth, awaiting thirsting lips. I’ve never met so many dehydrated people as when I started going to church after I got saved. They eat a lot, but they never drink. Christians today know very well how to feed themselves the steak and potatoes of working for love and striving to look like Christ, however, they have yet to have a single drop of water on their mouths. I told myself the first week I was a christian, Jesus, I don’t ever wanna look like them. I still remember what He said, “ Pray for them, love them and look at me.” I’ve lived by those words and have found life in them.

I’ve realized over the years that the life of labor in our devotion to Jesus in doing life is the curse of sin. As He has freed me and continued to lead me closer to His heart, life has become easier and easier. Not because life is easier but because I have purposed to never carry a heavy load. Do not be fooled, the heavy burden of the Christian life comes not from Christ but from the world. When Jesus spoke of the world, many do not realize that He was speaking of the religious leaders who, “seek the scriptures because they believe that in them they gain life.”

Many believers today have put the bible on the messianic seat in place of Jesus. We enjoy knowledge and power so much more than love. Anything, however, that comes before the Lord Jesus is an idol. In that stream, also, we have found it appealing to gather around truth and align ourselves with organizations on the basis of their interpretation of the word. However, the Israelites always gathered around His presence, so what makes us better?

We can say we live in the new covenant so we don’t need to be lead by fire and cloud but David while in the OT worshipped the Lord in the inner place in the temple because he wanted to be in His presence, before the ark of His intimacy. He worshipped God and enjoyed God in the intensity of fire and cloud, and here we are gathering around preachers who in no way have shown us the way into the presence of Jesus but rather the discussing of what He may or may have not said. Not that thats not ok or anything, I mean whatever, but the point is what makes our hearts skip a beat? Stories about the Lover or His tangible presence? For me, the Holy Spirit is my prize, my one adoration. Anything, and I do mean anything, the bible, serving, talking, thinking, that comes before Him must be put in its proper place – the bottom. There is no truth in the scripture that can come before my pure adoration of the Holy Spirit. It’s just not as good. 



– All views expressed in this blog are solely that of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of Coffee, Theology, and Jesus

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