A Call To Men

We all see it.  We all know it.  How 99% of men view women, and treat them.  I was there myself, so I definitely know what goes through guy’s heads in regards to women.  Too many times I hear guys say that girls have no respect for themselves, sleep around, cheat, and are too emotionally involved.  These are the men I see that just want to “hook up” with girls,  Add another notch on their belt.  They brag to their friends that they slept with her and move on to the next hot thing that comes their way.  These are the same guys I hear cry about not being able to find “wife” material.  Funny conundrum isn’t it?

Now I’m not here to sit on a high horse and bash guys as If I’m better.  I’m not at all.  The only difference is the grace God has shown me and what He taught me about treating his daughters.  From the beginning God had a plan of how man and woman should live together.  Sadly this vision has been perverted to the extreme.  Most men see women as an object for their enjoyment and nothing more.  This is why we have millions of men that are slaves to pornography.  Any night they choose they can have that “one” for the night and objectify these girls for their desires.  You may say, “Kyle, porn is common with men, God can’t expect us to be pure in every aspect of life.”  Think again my friend.  Jesus has set the bar higher then we can imagine.  Matthew 5:27-28, Jesus says “You have heard that it was said, ‘Do not commit adultery.’  But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”  Wow, Jesus says that looking lustfully is the same as committing adultery.  Lets not be foolish and think that God does not care about our purity.

Men, Christian and non-Christian, are missing the mark big time.  I work in healthcare, and I hear a lot of interesting conversations.  Most men older than myself, will try to give me advice on marriage and kids.  When they hear I am single, they say “Your lucky, don’t get married!”, or when I ask them how long they have been married they reply “Too long!”  I’ve heard things in past jobs from men about women that I will not write on here.  Funny that this has become the norm in our culture.  I find it funny how men are becoming defined in this world.  Some requirements seem to be: Sleep with many women, have a great body, curse and be funny, bash marriage, get in fights, say all the cool things, be rich, have a nice car, wear the right clothes, listen to the right music, don’t hang out with people who aren’t cool.  There is a crazy amount of pressure this day and age when it comes to being a “man”.  Being a man starts with God.  Our greatest example is in Jesus.

I am not saying for men to be passive.  Quite the opposite.  Fight for it! (Not throw fists)  It’s worth fighting for.  It’s worth the sacrifice.  Worth giving up your selfish desires.  Worth what might disrupt your daily routine.  What a beautiful example we can show by loving what the world finds unlovable.  What a world it would be if we saw men not rely on their parents for money and a home.  If more men taught younger kids and mentored them.  If more men showed respect to the godly women and ungodly women.  If more men sacrificed their time to serve relentlessly.  If more men studied scripture instead of looking at porn.  If more men would admit when they were wrong.  If more men prayed for those in need.  If more men would ask for forgiveness.  If more men would control their anger and practice patience.  What a world….

We all have a lot of work to do.  There are deep scars from sin that are hard to overcome.  But God is with us, and it can be done with Him.  It’s worth fighting for.





4 responses to “A Call To Men

  1. Kyle,

    I absolutely love this post. Possibly my favorite so far. Perhaps, it’s because I used to be one of those guys that I hate and couldn’t admit it to myself. This reminds me a lot of “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge. If you haven’t read it (anyone reading this comment) I would highly recommend it. Then go watch “Courageous” and discover the man God called you to be.

    I also have been bombarded with those phrases of “too long”, “don’t get married”, “the battle ax”, too many times. That is something I am very thankful for in my parents relationship. I never heard a phrase like that escape my dad’s lips to this day (that is over 30 years of marriage and 7 kids). I’ve heard it from Christians and non-Christians alike. What are we instilling in our children? To complain about the God given institution of marriage? In the words of Paul, God forbid! Our example is Christ and the church and I don’t believe we will ever hear Christ say “my goodness this bride I died to redeem is really getting on my nerves today!” So why is it ok for a husband to say negative things about his wife? You hit the nail on the head, Kyle, we are missing the mark. Love is a fight and if we are passive about it, we will lose because we better be sure there are powers out there seeking to destroy what God loves (and marriage is something God loves).

    I will be one to stand up and fight! Thanks for the awesome reminder.


  2. ok so this post drew me in. i finally gave in & ‘liked’ your facebook page 😉 i do read your blog and enjoy the banter. back in the day i woulda been all over a blog like this. life is just a smidge busier than it was back in my 20’s so i don’t have the time to devote to every ‘issue’ that comes around. i DO have a few pet issues, however, and (as some may testify to) i get all soap box-y on that stuff 😉 kyle, i thoroughly enjoyed this post & wish that every male in the world could read it! i also wish that every female could read it too as we do need to understand how guys think in order to co-exist peacefully 🙂 keep up the good work, guys! i agree with some things you guys say & i disagree with others but i really do love a good, fair debate =D


  3. Thankyou for the kind words guys. Yes Rob I have read wild at heart and love that book. It certainly was one of the things that contributed to this post. Naomi thank you for reading our blog and joining these discussions. Your ideas and views are important and I hope you join in future blogs!

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